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The Adowa Trilogy
The Lion of Magdella is a Non-fiction biography about the remarkable life of Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia, one of the founders of the modern Ethiopian state. That’s the broad category, but unlike most historical works, it's a corrective revision of African history and focuses on the current state of Africa and black lives around the globe. The Trilogy is intended to take the reader into a deeper understanding of the African past and explore the connection of that past to our present. It is essentially a Pan-African work that aims for the unity of the descendant of Africans and is geared toward introducing black people to the global world history through the eyes of leaders who confronted white supremacy head on during their lifetimes. In addition to images and links, there are creative works for younger readers (Tarki Drama, ibook/epub Version only) that I hope a son or daughter who is not ready for a work like this and can take inspiration from a presentation of African leaders who took pride in their own traditions . I know they would dig it. How old does a reader need to be for Lion of Magdella? All readers are different, but fifteen and up seems a good general guideline. The countless images and comic book like dialogue might be a good option for younger sorts for we all know its difficult to expose young kids to the reality of black lives around the globe. But if you’d like to help me out, there are a few other things you can do. ﷯Review it on I-Tunes, Good Reads and Amazon. ﷯Recommend it to friends, parents and high school/college students. ﷯Although I intend to remain silent on Social Media, feel free to Post about it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I truly hope you dig the book. I’m really proud of it, I’ve worked hard on it and hope to be able to make more of them. Your help can make that dream possible. Thanks in Advance.
The Adowa Story continues with Dejazmach Kassai Mircha, the future Emperor Yohannes IV, who was just as great a visionary as Emperor Tewodros II before him. Characterized by unparalleled discipline, both in life and politics, his commitment to the people and his country, and his indefatigable patriotism is on display against enormous challenges facing his country. His reign was embroiled in military struggles. First with the Egyptians, then Mahdists from Sudan, and finally the Italians. The second book of the Trilogy examines the warring emperor and his rule, that puts the current rulers of the Ethiopian state that hail from his region to complete shame.  BOOK TWO The Martyred king  BOOK three The Battle Of Adowa The Main Book of the Trillogy covers the Negus of Shoa, Emperor Menelik, who would embody both the qualities of Emperor Tewodros and Yohannes - A politically savvy operator, both at home and internationally, Emperor Menelik fulfilled their dreams by not just unifying Ethiopia but expanding the Ethiopian empire to its modern-day boundaries. The Third Book of the Trilogy, the finale of the series, delves into his relationship with his wife, the impeccable Empress Taitu, and his great doubt over the loyalty of his cousins, Ras Mekonnen and Ras Derge, and tense alliance with the Tigrean rebels, Ras Alula and Ras Mengesha. His victory against the European colonists by uniting all Ethiopians not only transformed the ancient nation but announced the rise of black Africans around the world. The last century has seen African descendants earn their independence and freedom around the globe. The problem of this century is the problem of black equality and dignity. It's the defining century in the relation of the black races to all others. The Adowa Trilogy examines how to bring about global black unity to achieve black dignity for the next generation.

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