African Unity
The first time a European power had been defeated without allies or aid, by a non-European power, was in Africa. No, it was not the mighty MOORS (Arabs and Africans) that conquered Spain and Portugal to rule them for 800 years. It was not the Americans who defeated England to gain their independence for they were allied with France. It occurred two years earlier before the same Americans rose to become the new global power by defeating Spain in 1898; it took place in 1896 at a place called ADOWA. It is in Africa, in Ethiopia, at the Battle of Adowa that United Black Africans had defeated a European power hell-bent on colonization. The Ethiopian victory at Adowa was not only a defining moment for the proud Africans but also, more importantly, the signal event for all blacks and their descendants. It was the beginning of the eventual end of European global hegemony on the African continent and beyond, ushering in the era of the rise of Africans and their oppressed black descendants on the world stage that continues to unfold before us today.
 For centuries, African Unity was represented by ETHIOPIANISM: the inspiring ideology developed by uprooted and oppressed black peoples across the globe, to resist and fight back against white domination/supremacy. Long before Black Lives Matter, the Black Power Movement, Civil Rights Movement, and Pan-Africanism Movement, Africans and their descendants had come together under the banner of Ethiopianism to reclaim their history from the racism that sought to erase their black past. Ethiopianism had swept through the Caribbean, to the United States and across the African continent itself, with black freedom fighters linking Africa historically to the ancient classical era, challenging the then prevailing view that the African continent had no history before the arrival of European colonizers. Ethiopia, an African nation which has never been conquered by outsiders since the time of antiquity had one of the oldest and continuous civilizations in the world. And by the mid-19th century, Ethiopia was one of the few nation-states still under African control, many people of African ancestry embraced Ethiopia as evidence of the black capacity for self-rule and a beacon of hope for their own struggles for independence and freedom.
 Ethiopia’s independence, however, would come under tremendous pressures during the second half of the late 19th century, with the advent of European invasion and eventual take-over of the African continent. The fervent SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA by the colonizers, coupled with inside aggression from its African neighbors, and its own unrelenting internal regional warfare; the enormous challenges would test the very existence of the ancient kingdom. ADOWA covers these essential decades of Ethiopian resistance to both inside and outside threats with the stories of THREE EMPERORS that were vital in forming a united nation. A nation that not only stood up against all odds and proved itself capable of halting the onslaught of European colonial domination on the African continent but also briefly elevate an African nation as an equal partner on the world stage. It is an important story that should be told not just for Africans and their descendants but for all global citizens fighting for their equality and freedom around the world.

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